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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Weekend at U. Icky and A. Rachel's
Friday night we dropped Mia and Ksena off at Nana & Papa's house and we headed for Vineland. We had a supper date with my friends (as one of them is up and leaving for Virginia in a couple of weeks!!) in Hamilton and then stayed the night at Erik and Rachel's. Dan finished the electrical work in their downstairs apartment and I hung out with Becky and Rachel. Blake was so sweet-he calls U. Icky 'e-e-e'.

Esmé ended up in A. Rachel's crocheting basket while Daddy and U. Icky ate breakfast. Thanks for the hat U. Icky!
We stopped in at Lynnette's house on our way back from Vineland and we got some raspberries freshly picked from their family's berry patch. The girls enjoyed them when we picked them up from Nana & Papa's house.


Lynnette said...

Hey Dan and Mel!! It was great that you stopped by! Do it again sometime when you're in the area!

_/ Derek \_ said...

did esme' ever fall asleep monday? lol she was giving me the biggest smiles!

Sarah Marie said...

esme looks so much like dan in that first picture!! :) i'm sure the girls just loved those raspberries. they ARE one of the best fruits!

Laura VMS said...

What a cutie! Those are adorable pictures! I love the pictures that are in black and white with the colour as well! Very beautiful!

Erme said...

Well written article.