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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Garden Flowers

Oh, so blue Hydrangea!

Pink-a boo Morning Glory
Pink Hydrangea


Anonymous said...

Those are really nice pictures! I love how beautiful the flowers are!!

Anonymous said...

Love your flower pictures! Hydrangeas were your wedding flowers, right? Your gardens are looking so nice - makes me anxious to get started on mine...
Cute pictures of the girls - they know how to get just as dirty as boys, don't they?! :0)

sandra said...

pretty flowers!

Doug and Melissa said...

Wow, they are doing very well Mel!!
Those are in the side garden, right?

Emily ☺☻ said...

Hey Mel 8) Those flowers are so pretty! I especially liked the pink hydraneas ;D

Jon and Kel said...

beautiful! My hydrangeas actually bloomed this year--they haven't for 2 years. I'm loving them!