From the rising of the sun to its going down
the Lord's name is to be praised!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Sprouts

March 5
Planting day...

The Sprouts as of today...

Three Little Bundles all in a Row!

Last Tuesday Belinda and I headed for Becky and Scott's house. We dropped all of our children (7 combined) off at Nana's house for the day and had sisters arranged to babysit the following day. We had a blast! In a household of 5 children, three and under, I was amazed at how peaceful the house was. The calm is truly one of God's MANY displays of grace in our daily lives. We did some cleaning and tons of laundry. Belinda helped Becky sort cloths and organized the triplette's bedroom.

When Scott came home, we left! ;O) We ate supper at Café Amour (sp?) and then headed to Becky and Belinda's favorite store-Value Village. After hunting down some great deals we went back to Becky's and ate dessert. Then as the triplette's slept ....

We stood over their crib and took pictures. This lead to a reveiw of the pics on Belinda's camera which was a walk through most of the last year of Micah's cancer. By the time we were done chatting it was about 1:00a.m.!

Before we said goodbye to Becky on Wed morning, we took some pics of the three of us.

Belinda and I then headed to the Dutch store and Ikea. We also made a stop at Costco which ended rather stressfully, as my membership had expired. The cashier was terribly unimpressed and literally starred me down. She then called a manager who very kindly allowed us to complete our purchases without requiring me to renew the memembership!