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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finally-A Visit to Rob & Taun's Home in Michigan

We went to the John Ball Zoo on Monday. It was cold but very fun.

The bears were my favorite.

Tiana pushing Esmé
In case you didn't know...

We were not sure if the monkeys were eating food pellets or poop 'recycled' food pellets.
Be Mine

On Valentine's Day, Mia and Ksena hosted a Valentine's party. It was girlie and fun.

The cake-my older and wiser sister suggested mini cupcakes for the event.
All the girls wanted this is what was left.
The little ladies all decorated their cupcakes.

Painting magnets and treasure boxes
Thank you Danielle for helping!!
Little women...

This is Canada!!

The Triplet's Baptism

Abby and her Dad
Brock all cozy in his new blanket from A.Marlene
The next Becky??? Mia holding Myles
Aunt Leona holding Myles (I think)
Becky and her brothers. Even Cor was there!!! :O)
The Beauty Dan Catches with a Camera...

Dan is thinking "I know she loves me...It's written all over her face!" (I'd put money on the fact that he probably said something along those lines...actually I think it was something more like, "This one's a keeper Mel-don't delete it!"
Dan's thoughts again: "This is why my wife loves me...In fact, it's this side of me that probably attracted her to me in the first place."
Always a good hair day for Esmé
When I grow up, I want to be just like Daddy!
Sweet Sen