From the rising of the sun to its going down
the Lord's name is to be praised!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Our very special Bep!
Never a dull moment with Wilayna!!
Frances-also a second cousin...and very sweet!
Caleb palying with his second cousin Wilayna Mae.
The 'Tantes' and Bep Visit
It is a very special occasion when our (Taun and Mel's) aunts and Bep come from Dundas to visit us. We had a very nice time chatting about the things that ladies typically do-cooking, weddings, our families etc. You may be wondering why I didn't post any pictures of the aunt's (Joyce, Liz and Con)-let's just say I would never be forgiven. Thanks for visiting guys!!! We really appreciate all the goodies but especially love your company!!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Ksena was mesmerized by the fish.

The rain did not let up but we had been determined to go to the zoo all summer because Dan has never been. So we tackled it in the rain! A lot of exibits were indoors and we had lots of sweaters, blankets and coats to keep us warm and dry. We were glad we went!

The Royal Botanical Gardens
We woke up to a rainy day on Friday and decided to check out the RBGardens to wait out the rain as the plan had been to head to the Toronto Zoo. There was only one garden available for viewing due to the weather but it was spectacular. It was a Mediterranian garden. Mia loved the citrus trees.

Hotel Fun
Ok, I guess we can stop him. On Thursday afternoon we headed to Burlington for a shopping spree at IKEA. We spent the night at a hotel and had a ton of fun! Ksena woke us all up at around 4:00am giggling and talking because she thought it was just great to all be in the same room! Mia was a tad lonely in the queeen size bed all to herself but was tickled pink when she got to share a midnight snack of garlic bread and ceasar salade with Dan and I.
A Working Holiday
Most people have fun on their holidays but Dan just works! We can't stop him.