From the rising of the sun to its going down
the Lord's name is to be praised!

Monday, April 16, 2007

In Love with my Mop!

My mop it is so handy,
I think it's really dandy.
It wipes away the dust with ease
It even keeps me from my knees!

Oh why, oh why do I sing about a cleaning tool?
This question I ask myself as I feel like a fool!
I guess it is because I love my home,
and I wanted to express my joy in a poem.

The task of cleaning is not demeaning,
it gives you time to contemplate life's meaning.
Contentment is found in enjoying today,
and doing it in a godly way.

So this song in my heart may seem quite silly,
but it is much better than complaining really!
If I should mope as I do my task,
then I do not do what Christ does ask.

So simple a theory but oh, just wait!
There is a verse that I would like to state!
'Godliness with contentment is great gain',
And this includes taking joy in cleaning pain!

OK, maybe the picture is a little 'over the top' but I could not resist as I love my mop!...please don't think I've lost my sanity, just having a little fun! else does a housewife survive?


RMVanDyk said...

Sometimes I worry about you Mel....j/k
You cheered me up for the day:-)lol
Makes me what to mop my floors, I think I shall!

Sylvia said...

LOL - Would you like to clean my place too?? hahaha

Does give me inspiration to go clean my floors....maybe later though

Taunya said...

you're a goof! I'm dusting away over here - probably 3 weeks worth of dust on all my furniture, so it's about time! neat poem.

Mamma Sue said...

Hey Mel,
What a laugh, I loved that poem! Did you write it? Way to cheer me up on a gloomy Monday.

Mel said...

Ya, Sue I wrote it.

Doug and Melissa said...

That's great Mel!
That's a good way to look at cleaning!!

Anonymous said...

You're too funny Mel! I loved the poem!! And the picture:)

Jon and Kel said...

wow Mel, you look quite serene with your mop. I'm glad that you're enjoying your cleaning day! It's great to find joy in our God-given tasks.

Anonymous said...

You are too much!! Love the poem -love the picture. You put a smile on my face. I will think about it whenever I wash my floors! Thanks - that was great!

jen said...

great post Mel! nice poem too..oh, and i like the picture! :D

Anonymous said...

You're a hoot Mel! :0) I suppose I should take it to heart though, since I clean the floors very grungingly - probably because I just washed them two days before, and two days before that - guess that's the way it goes with renovations though.

Joel Van Dyk said...

= )

Anonymous said...

Mel that poem is awesome! Sweet attitude.:o)


d & v said...

ha! ha! Mel, I just have one question. Where in the world did you get your mop? I think I need one that I can fall in love with :) (or maybe I just need your positive attitude!)

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Hey Mel:

Your poem almost inspired me to mop my floors, but I came to my senses in time ROFLOL! I quilted instead! You are too funny! Seriously...what kind of mop is that? I am looking for a new mop, but stood in the mop display at Walmart last week for awhile checking things out, but had no idea what to get...recommendations are most welcome :-).

Jacqui VMS

Mel said...

Vileda! You can use it dry or wet. It is great for getting renovation dust off the walls.

Household of Faith said...

Crazy girl you are Mel! I wish I had that much excitement when cleaning my floors. It is a dreaded job for me!

VanDyks said...

Mel, Shane and I just bought the Vileda mop a few days ago - you have now inspired me to actually use it. Or at least contemplate using it. ;)

Sarah Marie said...

man, mel, you've inspired me to clean floors, but, much like aunt jaqui, i've come to my senses. great poem, and you do look like you love your mop!

Anonymous said...

Mel, that must be the reason you always have a smile on your face. you are great. :) come do my floors too,
Aunt Henri

Laura VMS said...

That was so funny! Want to come and clean my house? LOL It is a disaster right now! Glad to hear that you love your mop that much though!