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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Fish Tales
Well Janynne and Stacey, I'm sure you're right about needing to secure the fish vase somehow and sticky tack sounds brilliant. At this point I'm too lazy and I'm testing my luck. Mia has already drank from it and Ksena decided the fish need toys and put some into the vase. Mia also gave her dolls feet a wash in the water...the water is getting dirty very quickly which is annoying!


RMVanDyk said...

Thats too funny, well at least I now know your girls aren't to perfect, I couldn't believe it when I saw glass at child level! lol That crystal vase wouldn't last an hour here!

Anonymous said...

LOL - too funny Mel! I wonder how long it will last there before your girls knock it over, or get bored with it. Just wait 'til Esme is crawling and trying to pull herself up on everything! Those poor poor fishies... :0)