From the rising of the sun to its going down
the Lord's name is to be praised!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It’s a Jungle in There!
By: Mel VanDyk

This baby inside I’m sure has a grin,
As it climbs up my ribs and moves within.
My belly has become a park full of rides,
My back starts to ache and there is pain in my sides.

The grin on my face turns to a look of disquiet,
As the relentless activity irritates my diet.
But my smile returns when understanding dawns,
That motion inside signals life and I suppress some yawns.

So, baby move on, and continue to play,
I will be patient and look towards the day,
When your movement within becomes movement without,
And you’re no longer in the safe place you wiggle about.

I praise God for your strength and the energy you exert,
Why would I complain about the pain or the hurt.
For you are a gift from my Father above,
A display of His wonder and of His great love!


jen said...

Mel! What an awesome poem! Such a great example of being a happy pregnant mum! God has blessed...He is good!

Taunya said...

that's funny - you writing poetry. couldn't you fall asleep last night? happens to me some nights, and then your creative side emerges. it's a cute poem! only a couple of months until you meet your babe.

Anonymous said...

Great poem Mel! Did you write it? I hope these last weeks aren't too bad for you - I remember all the aches and pains, so I feel for you!

Gerald and Sylvia said...

That's a really good poem Mel. You should put it in the baby's scrapbook whenever you get to it :)

The Van Dyks said...

Wow, Mel, very impressive! That makes you artistic and "homey". A very well rounded (no pun intended) individual.

(Homey is a joke between Mel and I. Not to be taken offensively).

Laura VMS said...

That poem is beautiful Mel! You write very well. It truly is a great expression of how it feels to be pregnant.

Household of Faith said...

Love your poem, Mel! That's very creative and your baking looks yummy too!