From the rising of the sun to its going down
the Lord's name is to be praised!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

SunFest 2010

On Saturday evening we went to Sunfest at Victoria Park. The girls had so much fun painting on this mural provided by TD Canada Trust.

Mia's Flower

Ksena's Flower
Supper Time...Dan and I had a wrap from 'Taste of Lebanon'. I did not love it but I chewed my way almost all the way through. We love trying new foods and generally it's a neat discovery.
Esmé enjoyed the Colombian concert...sorry the last part of the video is irrelevant. I forgot to stop videoing.

Evening Sail

Dan took us sailing last week...Dan had fun and I think my sisters did too. Our ladies and I had a 'screaming' time...we're just a tickle frightened with sailing.

This is my sister Kristen-I think she's singing a sailing song-not sure. Don't hurt me Kristen-it was just too cute not to post! ;O)

Esmé and Ksena holding hands for security.
Dan riding the mast.
Lazy Summer Days

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Brock or Myles??

Becky and Scott were down for a few days so that Scott could do some work with Papa. Dan also helped out and we had lots of fun bringing the hard working husbands their lunch-nicely provided by Nana!
Ksena enjoyed helping one of the triplets walk...not sure which one this is???

Sunday Snuggles

A couple of times after the Sunday morning church service, I've snuck over to Belinda's and snuggled with this sweet little scrunch! Sweet little Gracie lives conveniently near the church!

Garden Treasures

Garden Fare!
This pkg makes the best jam ever! It only takes 1 1/2 cups of sugar and you can use less.

Fruit Bowl

...just cause I love fruit and it looked so pretty I had to take a picture.

Grace Micaiah (Gracie)

Little Miss Gracie was born June 15 and weighed 7.6. Congratulations Ken and Belinda!!

Gracie-not being so gracious! :O) But who would be when visitors are holding you a few hours after you've made the crazy journey into the world.
Belinda's Mom absorbing her new grandchild.
Last Day of School!!!! :O)

Year End Class Trip for Heritage Home Schoolers

We went to two places-the Indian Village in Longwoods Conservation Area and to Circle R Ranch.

Sitting in the 'Long House' listening to the crazy woman present. This woman was a bit of a nuisance to listen to. The kids did VERY well but I found myself struggling to stay polite. She was a bit intense and said strange things like 'Don't lean on the tree, it's not leaning on you!'.
Mia climbing down the lookout stairs.
Circle R Ranch

Esmé wasn't sure why we couldn't just climb under the rope and go on the bridge...
Friends...doesn't it make your heart smile!
Pony Rides!!!!!

Mia's pony was pregnant.

Checking out the animals...the names of 3 of the sheep eliminated names off of mine and Belinda's baby name list! :O)

Gymnastics 2010

Mia receiving her second badge!
Naddie 'Presenting' (I think that's what it is called??)
Ksena 'presenting' before receiving her first badge!
The Group-there are two classes.
Pizza party to celebrate the last day for the season.