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Monday, January 19, 2009

The Bahama's-Land of Shallow Seas

We got there by van, by train and by plane! This is the kids at the front of the new link train that links the airport parking lot to the terminals. It felt like a roller coaster.

A much needed nap in between flights!

Ice cream at the GAP-the hub of the island it seamed.

Golf carts were are main mode of transportation on the island...the kids asked daily for a golf cart ride-it was almost as popular as the beach.

"I see a Gecko!"...Esmé is still saying it in Canada.

The one thing Esmé loved to do on the beach was be chased-she refused to swim and thought the sand was snow.

A view of the beach...

Beach Fun!

If you click on this picture you can see a tiny crab coming out of it's shell. This is Tiana's pet which she named 'Crabby Shell'.

The beautiful home we stayed in...I think it looks like a Doll House.
Lest you think she's always 'sweet Senna'...

Sky n'Sea

Taun holding the girls in the boat.

Dan speared a fish! What triumph!

Our luxurious charter flight. We could see the pilots at work-and even leaving the controls for about 30 seconds while leaning towards the floor and flipping through a book during accent! I kid you not! The seat numbers were permanent marker on masking tape. I had to duck getting into the plane and ya'll know I'm no giant.

View from the plane #1
View from the plane #2.

A beautiful indoor aquarium in Atlantis.

Enjoying some authentic Tropical Fruit amazing blend of real fruit juices.

Tiana enjoying a Motza of the many things Mike spoiled the kids with.

The Water park at Paradise Island-Atlantis.

The Dolphin Cay
Sweet Jude and his Daddy.

The Hummer Limo we left in.

Jude lovin his Mama!

Mike and his buddies.

Thank you Mike!!!!!!