From the rising of the sun to its going down
the Lord's name is to be praised!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Month of Summer
An impromptu Olympic Opening Ceremonies party
 An evening at the beach.

 Grandpa Luiting says Ksena is Mel and Tiana is Taunya...He would know.
 Esmé lost her fist tooth!
These two cousins LOVE each other!!  It is so sweet.
 You know the proverb that talks about falling into your own trap...
 ...well the girls found out exactly what that means.  They had built the hole for U.Derek to fall into but I advised them against it.  They had fun falling in themselves. 
 Have you ever seen Puff Balls?  ...or tasted them?  We have them in our back yard.
 Hey, you!  You wanna play?
 Nana gave Brie an early birthday present. Her birthday is on Sunday and we hope to be at MBC for the weekend.
Beautiful new dress and a special card with a pic of a dog that looks just like our puppy.
Say what!??!  OH!  SO sorry!  Have you been waiting for an update on the house.  My apologies.  The framers have become a little disgruntled that my lack of blogging could make them look slow.  Let me assure you, they have been busy and will probably be finished tomorrow-they are far from slow!

 The boom truck broke down during the middle of lifting trusses!
Pouring the basement floor-a fabulous new place to bike!

Apparently not afraid of heights...
 ...Derek is blending in with the trees in this pic...Do you see him?