From the rising of the sun to its going down
the Lord's name is to be praised!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snow Buddies!

We went to A. Taun's this morning so that the kids could play together in the snow (not so the mom's could drink coffee!).

Can you tell Tiana enjoys winter almost as much as summer? ;O)

Guess who came in first? Little Sen of course...followed closely by Tiana.

Ksena got 'stuck' here and was terrified. Big cousin Caleb had to hold her hand and bring her away from the gigantic slippery hill. What a hero!

Everyone was Served Lunch...
...except for Esmé! So like her cousin Mattie (see Kelley's post in 'Family Links' regarding her hungry child) she helped herself! Problem solving runs in the family-or the moms leave food in silly places?! :P


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Learning to Walk!

A Real Live Doll in the Toy Closet!

This is a typical face for Esmé! She likes to show off just like her Daddy! ;O)

Monday, January 07, 2008

Christmas at A. Jane and U. Terry's
Thank you Aunt Jane and Uncle Terry for organising, hosting, and gift giving for the extended VanDyk family party! It was a blast and you REALLY outdid yourselves. :O)
A Piñata!!
Collecting the contents...
...pockets full of chocolate.
The kids got to decorate cookies.
A doll for Ksena
A Tea Set for Mia (and a coffee maker!)

Candyland Game
Birthday Coffee with Family
The kids decorated cupcakes
A New Year's Day Stroll
Snow Stollin

Snow Slidin

Snow Swingin

Watching from inside while Daddy and the girls make snow balls.

A Typical VanDyk Family Christmas... :O)
For some decent pictures of this event please visit Joel and Lynnett's blog! ALTHOUGH, I think my post portrays a more realistic picture! ;O)

Luiting Family Christmas-Dec 15
The Tree
The Decorations
The Dinner

Applesauce in December!
On Dec 14 Taun and I made applesauce. Dan got the apples from Arnold's Orchards in Mnt. Brydges where he is currently working. We only spent $14.00 on apples. We had three crates of apples; two of them were juicers which are tiny but in very nice condition.

Step 1: Rinse Apples in Dishwasher :O)
Step 2: Chop and Boil
(In the meantime snack away!)
(Or put a chair on top of a table while watching TV and see if the moms notice!)
Step 3: Pour boiled apples into the applesauce maker and presto-APPLESAUCE!

Tiana's Turn
Mia's Turn
Ksena's Turn (with help for the shorty!)
Caleb's Turn
PLEASE can I have another one!!