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Monday, January 07, 2008

Applesauce in December!
On Dec 14 Taun and I made applesauce. Dan got the apples from Arnold's Orchards in Mnt. Brydges where he is currently working. We only spent $14.00 on apples. We had three crates of apples; two of them were juicers which are tiny but in very nice condition.

Step 1: Rinse Apples in Dishwasher :O)
Step 2: Chop and Boil
(In the meantime snack away!)
(Or put a chair on top of a table while watching TV and see if the moms notice!)
Step 3: Pour boiled apples into the applesauce maker and presto-APPLESAUCE!

Tiana's Turn
Mia's Turn
Ksena's Turn (with help for the shorty!)
Caleb's Turn
PLEASE can I have another one!!


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous idea to rinse your apples in the dishwasher!!! Aileen and I stand there and scrub them. Next year....... (@:~


Marlene said...
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Marlene said...

you go girl, making your own applesauce! I'm too lazy to do that! Well, that's not entirely true, I just don't like applesauce enough to make it. I can't let Asher see this post because he'd be drooling. I'm sure he has no idea that you can make it yourself AT HOME and not just buy it :)

Lynnette said...

Wow...washing them in the dishwasher...never heard of that before! But that would be alot faster!! I love homemade applesauce...semi-frozen (the best way...I'm not so sure that Joel agrees though LOL)

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of rinsing the apples in the dishwasher either - what a great idea? Do you have that machine, or did you borrow Amanda's too? I love the applesauce we made this year - mutsu apples - Mmmmmm :0)