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Friday, December 08, 2006

What Could be Better?
I found my girls reading this morning in Mia's room. What a great way to spend a Winter day! This is much better than how the day began...I went outside to shovel the sidewalk and porch for the mailman and Mia wailed the whole time. I'm sure all the neighbors could hear her since I could! Yikes. Quite the pile of snow out there! Beautiful.


RMVanDyk said...

Melanie Van Dyk,.... you be careful out there shoveling snow!!!

Anonymous said...

Your girls look so much alike in those pictures! I can't tell which one is in the snowsuit outside.
I'm lucky this week - Tim is home, so he got to shovel the snow. But my kids aren't too happy either when I'm outside shovelling snow.

_/ Derek \_ said...

I would have shoveled your snow for you mel, if I was there... but i was ttoo busy haning out at home because i had a day off of school and work ;)