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Monday, December 04, 2006

Before and After Pics of the Duplex Becoming a One Unit Home
Mia's playroom before...

Emptying the room

The front door

Plastic to keep out the dust(Thoughtful husband eh!)

Crazy Erik came to help Dan bang out the wall and tile the floor. He entertained the whole neighborhood with his lovely singing (if you can call it singing).
The old playroom is where the light is. This gives a little perspective of the old vs new entrance.
Being like Daddy
Tiling the floor


Sarah said...

wow mel, thats going to open up the front of the house so much more! :) i'm sure mia and ksena will appreciate the larger play area. great tiles!

_/ Derek \_ said...

what about me!... i helped too!!

RMVanDyk said...

Wow, you sure are going to have a big home now! Glad that you won't have to go outside to get upstairs!
I hope that there isn't too much mess for you to clean up, if there is make sure you ask for help!

Anonymous said...

That's so exciting! Your tiles look really nice... are they from Home Depot? They look very similar to the ones we bought from there for our entrances. Hopefully your house doesn't get too dirty from all the renos... it's hard living in a house that's being renovated.

Jen said...

Hopefully the plastic Dan put up will keep the dust out of your living room better than the plastic sheild Justin put up in our kitchen! It's snowing outside and inside my house! But it will all be worth it in the end. Can't wait to see your finished project!

Mel VanDyk said...

Snowing in your house! Yikes! That's awful! Hopefully the work will be done soon!

Derek & Valerie said...

i love the tile Mel...very cool. now you guys will have so much room! want to borrow a couple kids for a while to fill them up? (just give them back when we get more room) :)

Mel VanDyk said...

No need to borrow! I think we are doing a pretty good job filling the rooms ourselves!

Gerald and Sylvia said...

Love the picture of Mia - too cute.

Take your time filling up the space ;)

*Kara* said...

cool Mel... I'll have to pop by one day and check it out!