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the Lord's name is to be praised!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sand + Water =MUD (or as Mia would have it Sand + Water = any food under the sun).

Sand +Water =Paint?
Lovin Their Daddy!


_/ Derek \_ said...

aww.. look at the cutey! .. and the two girls on his back :D lol

Anonymous said...

The girls look so cute with Dan. I don't think I've seen Ksena smile that big=) I'm glad to see the girls had fun with the mud:-P

sandra said...

yummy looking mud, Mia! :P

Doug and Melissa said...

Looks like lots of fun girls!!
It's great being outside, eh?

Emily ☺☻ said...

Why is it that making a mess and getting dirty is so much fun? =0) Mia and 'Sen are such daddy's girls eh? ;D 'Sen gave such a big smile in that pic! =0)