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Monday, March 12, 2007

Wisdom & Encouragement for Parenting
Here's a link with some advice on nurturing children that my Mom sent me. With all of the things that eat away at my time I need a reminder like this very is so easy to get carried away with things that don't really matter and forget about the gifts that are right in front of me! Maybe I use the mundane things in life to distract me from the more challenging task of nurturing my children?!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mel,
I can't get the link to work.

Mel said...

It should work now, I had 'http//' twice in the link so that's why it didn't come up. Oops.

Household of Faith said...

I read it and printed it off, just so I can be reminded. Very good info!

Anonymous said...

Got it now.
It's good to be reminded of this again - thanks for sharing!

Matt and Julianna said...

Good reminder! Thanks for posting.