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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My 'Tantes' Visit Esmé
Let me tell you, if you don't have any Tante's you have got to get yourself some! My aunts and Bep from Dundas visited this morning. They came loaded with baked goods and gifts for Esmé. Thank you so much for coming-next time give Tante Joyce a break and someone else do the driving! Guess it's our turn to come visit you guys now eh? We'll have to see if Caleb and Tiana's car seats fit in my van! Thanks so much for all the presents and food!
Tante Joyce and Tante Liz
Tante Con holding Esmé

My cousin Sean made a beautiful hat for Esmé at school. He is my Tante Con's son. The colors are perfect Sean!-Thank you! :o)

A great place to eat cookies.

Wilayna! You are the silliest girl ever! Hope you had fun playing with Caleb and the girls.

Fun times.


Anonymous said...

Melanie, Melanie; that didn't take you long to get your crazy Tantes on your blog! We had a nice visit with both you (and of course hard working and lovable Dan) and Taunya and all the kids. Beautiful girls and last but not least the only boy, Caleb! He's extra special to have all girl cousins; Pake always said, 'girls are better!!'

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fun and crazy day:) Must have been nice to have your tante's come visit too. I love Esmé's hat!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! I like Esme's hat too.
I've never seen that wall unit in your dining room before - is that new? I really like it!
Poor Ksena looks SO sad that she can't help Dan! How's the upstairs coming anyways?

Melissa said...

Looks like you all had lots of fun! I remember how much you loved their visits growing up!! Do they still supply you with weeks worth of candy and food? =0)