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Monday, January 29, 2007

On the Mend
Ksena has been sick since last Tues. She is eating again today and slept through the night last night so thankfully she is feeling better.
Sen is saying bye to Dan and Mia on their way to church.
Acting very sick!


Some needed rest!


becky said...

hey mel. i'm glad sena is feeling better.

becky said...

well look at that it posted my comment. my computer is a little testy some times. or maybe its me. well i am glad for you that sena is feeling better. im sure that life will be a little happier for all of you. i love the picture of ksena coming from behind the curtain. i cant put my finger on who she looks like. well see ya later.

Doug and Melissa said...

Hey Mel, where's the pictures of you? You better take one before that baby is born!! =0)