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Friday, January 05, 2007

HAPPY 3rd Birthday MIA!!
This morning Mia opened her presents. Daddy is home sick today so she didn't have to wait till he came home. Tonight we will have a little party with family and eat Mia's favorite-'Cheezy Cake'.

A new chair
Hair clips
LeapFrog learning pad...we had bought puzzles a while ago that fit this system so now Mia can play the games incorporated into the puzzles. She somehow new that the puzzles weren't just puzzles and she couldn't wait till we made the 'song' work on her puzzles.


Marlene said...

Happy Birthday Mia! Your presents look like a lot of fun. Birthdays are so exciting. Have a fun day. Can you save me a piece of your favorite 'Cheezy Cake'?

Love Aunt Marlene

*Kara* said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIA!! 3 already?!? Wow... I remember visiting you in the hospital...doesn't feel like that long ago! (sorry Mia...won't be at your party tonight, have to work!)luv you!

Household of Faith said...

Happy 3rd Birthday, Mia! Hope your day is filled with lots of fun!

from, Seth, Jennifer & Paul

Jesse, Doug and Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Mia!!
Looks like you got spoiled =0)
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mia! Your LeapPad toy looks like so much fun - they make great learning toys - we have some too, and have lots of fun with them.
Hugs from Lauren, Josh and Leah :)

Gerald and Sylvia said...

Happy birthday Mia.

Scott and Becky said...

Happy Birthday Mia. Make sure you eat lots of cake for us at your party!

Stephen, Janet & Aidan VanMaanen said...

Happy birthday Miss Mia!! Looks like you got lots of things!! I'll have to bring Aidan over and you can show him everything that you got!!

_/ Derek \_ said...

good cheesey cake mel :)

Laura VMS said...

Happy Birthday Mia! I hope that you had a wonderful birthday filled with lots of love and happiness! Looks like you had lots of fun opening your presents!