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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Home Building has Started!

 Removing tree roots to clear the area.
 Moving a tree-we sure hope it lives!
 Watching all the action
 Tobogganing in the summertime! :O)

 The forms laid out and ready for the concrete truck to come pour
 Missing out on the concrete truck but sleeping beautifully!

I can hardly believe it's all begun!  So excited and thankful-and just a tad nervous about all the help Dan is going to need from me.  I may be a framer's daughter but I don't 'get' this kind of work-I'd rather serve coffee than follow instructions about holding a tape measure to make sure the stakes are in the right spot!  It will be a learning experience and a fun challenge.  Although, to my credit Dan was laughing at me and said 'I thought you were a framer's daughter!' when I couldn't follow his instructions and it turns out I gave him some good advice about not changing the angle of the garage.  I even used the word 'trusses'!  I was worried that changing the angle would affect the trusses and well, not to brag or anything, but I was right! ;O)lol


scott+jenk said...

Great photos Mel! So excited for you! Looks like they are working quickly! :-)

4 a lifetime of loving you said...

Oh So fun! I can't wait to start ours! I'm glad to see Brie is getting good use out of the bibs!

Jen said...

Hey cool! It is coming along quickly! Love the last picture of Esme, lol.

*and good job with the building advice.... ;)

Anonymous said...

So very excited for you!!! Looking forward to seeing more pictures as it progresses :0)

Jonathan and Denise said...

The fun begins! Hope everything goes smoothly and you can still enjoy your summer . . . that's our goal over here - to not get so busy that summer passes by and we realize we forgot to have fun!!!