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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Berry Picking Turned Nature Walk
 This sent me running breathless to the house for the camera.  We had just finished picking some black berries (otherwise known as blackcaps in my childhood) when we bumped into this beauty.  We quickly filled a cup with berries for cranky Brie so I could run back to the house without her screaming.

 Mia trying to help Brie through her crying...She loves the berries but does not enjoy being put down on the scratchy, sunny pathway to our creek.

Pictures taken by the girls:

 Photo by Mia of butterfly
Photos by Ksena of Mia playing in the creek
 Photos by Esmé

Update: We think the butterly is actually a moth...

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Here's 2 Ewe said...

wonderful, Mel! by the way, I have a great way of extracting juice from blackberries so you can make the best blackberry jelly ever!