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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just Wondering…

I like our Prime Minister. He seems to me like the teacher that nobody at school likes, except for the kids who are willing to learn. The kind of teacher that does not play ‘friends’ with everyone and does not try to earn your attentiveness by making everything fun. Instead, they play hard ball. You have to work for a good grade and when you get that grade it tastes sweet. When you’re diligent in class they give you a wholesome break-something constructive but a break from the norm.

I imagine Mr. Harper is like that. He doesn’t give the media everything they want just so they can make easy news stories that have no content other than to destroy. He makes them work for an interview and is not easily accessible.

People who don’t like him accuse him of being a ‘yes man’. I think this means that the people who don’t like him, assume he stacks his parliament with people who bow to him and his ways. I have the feeling they are wrong and that the people who work for him respect him and that in general there is co-operation.

Ok, so I’ve said I like him and I really mean it. I admire him but…there is a BUT-a big one. I watched Peter Mansbridge’s interview with him on CBC. Maybe you did to. The tension between the two seemed tangible. Mansbridge is a tough interviewer and generally his questions are intriguing. In this interview, I find Peter rather bored with his job and got the feeling that he knows Harper is one of the better choices for Canada but it makes him squirm. ‘Coldly objective’ is what I would label that interview. (This is simply opinion-I do not pretend to have any knowledge in journalism or politics-but I do LOVE ‘people watching’ and this is the general feeling I had when I watched the interaction.)

In this interview Peter wonders what the current government would do if they had a majority government. He asks specifically:


Harper answered:

PMSH: No, no. Look, Peter, I have spent my political career trying to stay out of that issue. It's one on which people, including in my own party, have passionate views. They're all over the map. And you know, what I say to people, as you know, many people I know are pro-life. What I say to people, if you want to diminish the number of abortions, you've got to change hearts and not laws. And I'm not interested in having a debate over abortion law.

Huh. Nice- it sounded good enough to give me something to think about. Could he be right? I am Pro-Life so this didn’t sit well with me but the way it was worded sounded almost right. Then this morning I came across this article: Abortionist arrested for stabbing newborns to death in clinic

Among the many things that struck me was that there was a ‘lack of records’ which means there are many crimes for which Gosnell cannot be charged. So that got me thinking that if there had been laws in place to keep records at abortion clinics, to actually keep detailed MEDICAL RECORDS regarding this procedure, then MAYBE, just MAYBE, at least more justice could be done in this case.

As far as I know, abortions require very little paperwork even though they are a major surgery. The amount of paperwork required for surgery (other than abortion) in Canada is significant. When I had my gall bladder removed I remember having my ‘pre-op’ with a nurse and it involved a lot of paperwork. It makes you think that the surgery you are planning on may have more risks than you had first thought. It makes it feel like a big deal. This pre-op happens way before the actual procedure which also makes you feel a little uneasy.

So WHY is it possible to have an abortion on demand in Canada! Is there a ‘pre-op’ required days in advance? Is information given regarding the possible health risks of this procedure? Is this something a government could regulate?

Could it be that a lack of paperwork in the abortion clinics might make a patient feel like this is a simple procedure, with minimal risks? Is a simple lack of paperwork, regulations and laws, deceiving women about the ‘surgery’ they are undergoing? Do they have any idea what effect this surgery could have on their future health? Do they even know that the ‘procedure’ is a surgery?

Could it be that a lack of laws regarding abortion are what make our hearts so callous or uninformed to the issue? Could changing laws not change hearts, Mr. Harper? Just wondering…


Anonymous said...

Well written Mel. It really made me think as I actually had a pre-op appt yesterday and it did leave me a wee bit uneasy. Thinking if someone wanting an abortion would have to go through similar process, it may make them change their mind. The article on that doctor and his clinic just saddens and sickens me. May we have heart changes and law changes here in Canada.

Thanks for making us think about this,

Dave Westerveld said...

Thanks for that! Good thinker post.

Anonymous said...

As much as I prefer Harper to the others, his attitude reminds me of someone else:

Matt. 27:24   So when Pilate saw that he was gaining nothing, but rather that a riot was beginning, he took water and awashed his hands before the crowd, saying, “I am innocent of this man’s blood; see to it yourselves.”


Megan said...

Mel, very well thought out and well written!
I think you have some great points! I also think you should consider writing a letter, maybe we all should!