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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

An Overview

The reason I haven't been blogging.... because we've been much too busy snuggling our delicious new girlie!...keep scrolling to see an overview of the snuggles and a few more happenings.

Two weeksish old

An evening at the park in late September

Three weeks old

Fresh from the bath-she loves 'tubbin'

One Month Old

7 weeks old

Brie had been screaming and then suddenly quiet. Big sister Esmé had quieted her by rocking the car seat.

2 Months Old

A. Marlene made this cozy blankie for Brie. It has her name on it. Brie LOVES it...she loves to snuggle with blankets and this is one of them.
"Take our picture!"


Marlene said...

Such sweet pictures! Wish I could have some snuggle time.

Anonymous said...

the girls look the same! She's a live dolly for her sisters. Life is busy for you.

Taunya said...

Smiles on camera from Brie, cute! She sure doesn't have to worry about being neglected with all those little Moms. Lucky girl!

Danielle said...

Way too fun! I'm glad the girls are enjoying the newest sister!