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Friday, September 03, 2010

Brie Avery VanDyk has Arrived!!!!
Our hearts are overflowing! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!

Little Brie was born Sep 2,2010 at 8:05a.m. She weighed 7.14

Big sister Mia

Ksena checking out the hospital bed....see the phone in my hand! Dan bought me a Blackberry!!!
Grandma Luiting
Aunt Elise (whose middle name is Brianne!)
Aunt Shaylynn
Aunt Amy
Aunt Taunya (barely sporting a little baby belly!!!)
Chloe and Brie...born just over an hour apart. SO neat! Congrats Jenn and Paul!

At Home and chilling out with big sisters Sep 3:

The 3 oldest visited with Nana for a bit this morning. Mia was sad to leave baby Brie.


V.Grace said...

Aww Mel, she looks like a little baby Mia!!! Congratulations!

Heather said...

Awww so cute! Congratulations again! She looks like a Vandyk! I can't wait to meet her! Hope you're feeling ok and getting some sleep!

Carmen said...

Congratulations! She sure does look just like Mia. Enjoy!! I love the pictures of the babies together - special for these two girlies to share a birthday!

Jon and Kel said...

Oh, so sweet! I love introducing my babies to my bigger babies! And then I love when they go away for a few days :)


Anonymous said...

She's beautiful!!! Congrats again you guys!

Anonymous said...

She looks just like the others. These girls are just going to love this little baby!

Belinda said...

Another beautiful lady to join your household. I love the pics of the girls with Brie. It is so special. God is so good!

I also laughed at the picture of Brie crying. I am thinking her and Grace will get along famously! (:

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mel! What a cutie pie. She looks just like Mia did. I love her name! Did Dan tell you that's what I had secretly guessed? I'm so excited for Mia too! No wonder she didn't want to go to Nana's!

Jonathan and Denise said...

Congratulations Dan and Mel! She definitely belongs to your family. She is adorable. May God grant you wisdom and strength as you raise Brie and all your other girlies!

Carole said...

awwwh, such a beautiful family. So happy that all is well. Congratulations to you all, and God's strength for the days and years ahead!! :)