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Friday, September 10, 2010

Before She Came...

Brie's First Week

Day 2-we actually ventured out to AnnaMae's adoption party. We did not want to miss this happy occasion!
Cuddles with Daddy
A. Emily
A. Kara
Melissa-who's due very soon! (Brie is hiding her belly)
Ksena's 5th birthday!!! Happy Birthday sweet Ksena!!!!!!!! We LOVE you!
The birthday gift...
Oma Luiting came for Ksena's 'birthday coffee' and got to meet Brie.
Opening her gift from Grandma Luiting.
Grandpa Luiting and Esmé enjoying Ksena's new tent.
More snuggles with Daddy.
Ksena's sporting her new hat from Nana.
Day 5
The midwife weighing Brie at her second home visit. She had dropped from 7.14 to 7.8 and was back up to 7.10.
Day 6

Opening mail from A.Marlene and family who live in Florida. So fun to get real mail! Thank you!!!!! Ksena also got real mail from Grandma Zuidema but I don't have a picture-I actually dropped our camera!!! Thank you Grandma/pa Z.
The VanDyk's from Cambridge
Mia took this pic...Day 8-I week old!


Marlene said...

cute pictures and sweet baby! love the one of your dad in the tent. Glad Ksena like her mail:)

Mom Van Dyk said...

papa loves the picture of Ksena and her new hat ... "looks like she just swallowed a parrot! " :)