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Monday, November 03, 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

Here goes the Mckmamma Monday post...

I was not impressed with my husband for posting the following message on the fridge:

I would much prefer to prepare a meal on my own! This is downright insulting! I simply do not enjoy buying pizza for supper! No, not me.

I did not consume five, 1.89L bottles of cranberry juice since last Tuesday. That would be a ridiculous amount of juice! I also do not have a need to drink this beverage as it does not help flush out certain infections in one's body.

I do not request my husband to straighten our bedsheets nightly. I dutifully remake our bed every morning as my marriage contract requires. My husband does not remind me of this contract regularly, as we banter about who should be making the bed. I never tell him that since he refuses to sleep with the sheets tucked into the end of the bed, that the mess is due to his sleeping habits. I don't insist that if the sheets were tucked in, that the bed would not need to be remade daily. We do not enjoy this friendly argument. Not us!

I did not pick up a wet, size 2T underwear, out of my folded clean laundry this afternoon. Since that did not happen, I did not recall instructing sweet Ksena to put her 'brukie' in the laundry after she had an accident- and evidently she did not obey me with perfection.

I was not delighted when Joel and Lynette pulled into our driveway on Sunday morning. I did not get excited and anticipate what they must have come to tell us. I am not excited that they are engaged and I definitely would have preferred that Lynette keep her vow to marry when she was 40.


Mark, Linda, Alex, Carsten and Savannah said...

What a great post...I wish I could write like that :o)

Jen said...

Great post, Mel! Justin and I "fight" over the bed too -- he makes fun of me for making the bed right before we get in it to sleep :)

Carole said...

you're so cute, Mel :)...hope your infections are all cleared up after all that juice!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Stopped by your site and had to leave a comment. Absolutely loved your October Snow photos. Truly wonderful and so putting me in a festive holiday mood! Thank you.

I also LOVED your tidbit about making the bed. I am glad that I am not the only wife in America that this happens to. Tell me, are you OK with sleeping in an unmade bed every night too? I know I am. :)

Taunya said...

that's funny. I dont think they make beds long enough seriously!Rob's feet are always hanging out the end with the sheets untucked too. I just leave it and make sure my side is tucked
Sen is such a cutie. I can still call her that cause she's so petite...even though she always says "no, I'm big"

Mel said...
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Mel said...

Hello 3 Bay B Chicks!!!
Thanks for your comment!
I peeked at your blog and saw that you are from California...I'm curious to know what sort of weather you have at this time of the year? We do NOT normally get snow in October even though this is Canada. Today we had record breaking heat for Autumn?!.. 20degrees.
As for sleeping in an unmade bed, I don't mind as long as the sheets at the foot of the bed are tucked in. ;O)

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Hi again, Mel,

Thanks for stopping by our blog. Your comments were great! I'll start by answering your questions:

1) Yes, there are actually three contributors to our blog. Myself (Francesca), Kacey, and Thuy. We each take different days of the week to post. It works out pretty well. We all have different interests, which comes across in our writing, and we are able to have new content almost everyday, which we probably could not do on our own.

2) Kacey actually came up with the name for our blog. Three, because there are three of us, and Bay, because we live in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. The Bay B portion of the title is basically a play on words. Rather than saying baby chicks, we decided to rearrange the spelling to reflect where we live and the fact that we all have kids. I actually revised our profile to make this hopefully more clear. If you have a chance, I'd love to get your feedback.

3) It absolutely never snows where we live. We are much too close to the ocean for that, which is somewhat tragic. Even since I was a kid, I have always romanticized what it would be like to have snow for the holidays. I digress...This time of year, the weather varies between the upper 50's and low 60's deg F. It can also rain a bunch.

Thanks again for your comments and for stopping by our blog. We really appreciate it.

Have a good day!

Sarah said...

LOL I'm in stitches over Sen's laundry incident. I too, am quite "unhappy" about Lynnette & Joel's engagement!