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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Birth Board @ Talbot Creek Midwives
Today Esmé had her '3 week' appointment with the midwives. I took a picture of the birth board where the midwives write the name, weight and birth date of the babies they deliver. Too bad Emily's name wasn't on there yet! I'll have to take another picture because it would be neat to have one with both of their names on it! There are two on the board with 'no name'!
Esmé weighed 8lb 1oz today.


Anonymous said...
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Household of Faith said...

It's great that Esme (can't get the accent, sorry) is gaining weight. Hope she continues to gain health & strength!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear Esmé is gaining weight!

Anonymous said...

There's some pretty unusual names on there, eh? Poor little nameless babies! Hopefully they're named by now. So Esme is past her birth weight now - that's great! How's life with 3 little ones now?

Mel said... with 3 little ones. Ask me when Dan goes back to work. Right now I'm tired but I feel great! I imagine if Dan was not 'on call' I would not be feeling great-he does breakfast with the girls every morning while I feed Esmé in bed. I'm spoiled! And Esmé doesn't cry like my other girls did which I am so thankful for!

Laura VMS said...

I am so happy to hear that Esme is gaining weight and that she is past her birth weight! That is wonderful news! That is neat that you were able to get a picture of the birth board! What a great thing to have in her scrapbook/baby book! I am also glad to hear that Dan is helping out so much! How wonderful for you! You deserve it!

Taunya said...

that's funny no-name babies. you think the midwives would have heard by now what they've been named. It'll be ineteresting to see the Emily's name on there too. I agree with Jannyne, there's some weird names on there!