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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Grayson and Bennett
We had our sweet little nephews for a couple hours today! :O) 
 This little guy was not put down the whole time he was here...delightful little newborn!!!

 This was Sen's face after I asked her if we should have a brother. (no that's not a pregnancy announcement!)
Grayson the goof had to be fed his marshmallows...he is such a comedian!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed my time without them :)
I really don't know where Grayson gets his silliness from! Joel snuggled Bennett all night while I was gone...he'll be in for a surprise tomorrow :)
Thanks again!

Henrietta said...

Mia is such a little Mom. The others look like they wanted to grab Bennett from her arms.

Taunya said...

I think Sen was hoping that was an announcement. I can imagine how much love the little guy got. His hair makes me hair on newborns