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Friday, July 13, 2012

Building Progress
 Pumping the concrete into the forms...I counted 5 trucks of concrete!  The girls say there were 6.
 I had to take this pic from inside the house so you can barely see the dude skipping but it was pretty funny. 
 Steel beams in.
 Framing started!!! :O) :O)
 Derek had the girls nail gun some nails so they could say they helped. :O)
 He's a fabulous Uncle but he can't spell! 'Ksena'

 The best framers in the world I would say.  My Dad and brother...
 ...and cousin!


Carmen said...

Hi Mel,
Just did some catching up with your blog. So exciting for you to be building and watching it all. Reminds me so much of what we went through last year. Gotta love the girls on the dirt pile - so much fun, but, OH, the dirty girls and clothes. Good fun once in a while, just not every day,right? I don't mind at all that our dirt pile finally got taken away this spring. :)

Mel said...

Yes, totally Carmen.