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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Calling All Bird Lovers!

There is a male and female bird in this picture...I am assuming because of the color difference.  Isn't the color amazing!  I was wishing for my big camera lens when I saw these beauties but the regular zoom had to do.  Does anyone know what kind of bird this is?  (I know I could google it but that's not as fun! :O) 
(p.s. if you click the picture you can see the birds better.)


Anonymous said...

Hey Mel, that's a bluebird! So pretty, eh?

Mel said...

haha! I thought that was just too obvious Jannyne! I cheated and googled it right after I blogged!

VMS and ScrapbookingOasis said...

how pretty, I've never actually seen a bluebird before....we have lots of cardinals and finches here (occasional blue jays)

Jen said...

Very pretty! I've never seen a blue bird around here! What kind of song do they sing? Is it pretty? (don't you LOVE the country?? :) )

Mel said...

Jen, I think it's a pretty song but I am not sure how to figure out who's song is who's? The birds sing like CRAZY after the rain. I LOVE the country-even in a small house! lol