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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Brouwer's Line
A peek at our new property on Brouwer's Line!  We have no real plan for when we will officially move here-we are still working on getting ready to sell our current home.

This is the veiw from the road.

 Standing on the hill in the back yard
 The two hills (or mountains as Jude calls them!)
 We had a fresh basket of books from the library-ready to be read after a picnic lunch but Brie decided to be grumpy so we went for a walk instead.
 Took the girls for a picnic just to get out of the house.

 Joel cutting the grass for us...not our lawn tractor.


Carmen said...

Wow - your property looks great! It will be a wonderful place for your girls to grow up.

Doug and Melissa said...

Mel, Doug and I drove by it yesterday as we were at my parents for dad's birthday. The property looks great!!