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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Esmé!! 3 Years Old!

When I tuck this critter in at night, I am very thankful for her health. She reminds us often of God's grace in His care towards her. When she was born she spent 11 days in the hospital with a heart abnormality. It has not affected her since and the Dr's do not expect it to. Her last echo was in 2008 and her next one is in Sept 2010.



Apparently she felt left out at Christmas when we bought Mia and Ksena CD players for their room...'a player' was her birthday request.

Sunday birthday coffee...

A beautiful vest from Grandma. Candy from A. Shaylynn (I think?)

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Emily Luiting said...

crazy! I almost forgot about her heart troubles!
can't believe she's three already!