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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Candy n' Cupcakes
I've never decorated cupcakes for a boy, so I was seriously worried to make them for Micah's birthday party. They were very fun to make! And working with blue was a treat!


Taunya said...

Aunt Mel's fancy eh Mom? they look really cool. good job. I hope Micah and friends enjoyed them

Anonymous said...

Mel!! They look amazing!! I love how you did the two shades of blue and the chocolate 8s!! NICE WORK!! Hope Micah likekd 'em!

Belinda said...

The kids loved the cupcakes. They looked so cool and they tasted so good! Micah was videoing them and he said, ".... and look at the stupendous cupcakes that Mel made!" He loved them.

Thanks for your work Mel! (@:

jen said...

Aww...that's great! Good work! :-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Mel!!!