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Monday, November 16, 2009

A Short and Sweet Visit to Michigan
After the long drive...sweet sleep.

Our cozy room-it was fun to share a room with the girls until Ksena and Esmé fought over their stuffed animals in the middle of the night. They must have been half asleep because they had the right animals but insisted that the other had hers. This carried on for about 40mins! At one point I said "I am the Mom...etc etc!" and Ksena said "No I'm not!" I tried to clear up the confusion and said "Ksena, I said I am the Mom, not you". She answered "No you're not!!!" She was sleep talking and very confused and I had chosen a very dump time to clarify my authority.
A Carousel at the Mall!

A much needed trim from A. Taun! Taun it looks so nice after a bath-the curls are fresh again.
Eating out at Carino's-where the kids portions feed an adult but the dessert couldn't satisfy a baby! :O)
Bread dipping!

Mia took this picture of Taun and I!

Need I make comments on pics of this sweetie? He melts my heart with the simplest things.


Marlene said...

always fun to be together. looks like y'all had a great time. (I wish a trip under 5hrs would be considered a long trip!)

Emily said...

love that last picture of Jude! precious! :)

scottyk said...

Glad you could go and have such a nice time together! Nice matching sweatshirts too! Sisters are the best. :-)

scottyk said...

oops...that was me commenting...not my husband!

~Jen K. :-)