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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Goin On a Bear Hunt...
Last week we went to New Liskeard to White Pine Lodge. It was a cold, rainy, windy week. The bears do not like wind because they can not hear well, so none of the men got a bear-much to the releif of all the wives!

The kids waiting for a boat to take us across to the lodge.
Morning struck me that sometimes things are so beautiful that when you look at them, you actually close your eyes to take it in! What an AMAZING creator we serve!

Our cozy cabin-the woodstove was well used.
Apparently getting your hair done is beyond tolerable.

This image of my husband will take a bit to grow on me...
A rainy day walk. The leaves were quite the organic umbrella.

Mia took this picture for us!
Ksena wanted a turn with the camera too, and Mia jumped in making this goofy shot.
We spent most of our time 'cabin migrating'. At times it got quite loud but boy, did the kids have fun!
The kids watching a fish get cleaned.
Oh, my crazy girl.
When there is no where to play, why not use the beds?!
Brooke and Ksena sporting earings and nose rings...gems from the dollar store.The kids spent endless hours coloring.
Nutella sandwich...not sure how she snuck away from the table to eat it on the chair.


Marlene said...

you never mentioned if you had a good time? I'm sure the kids had a blast..seems like there was a few more to play with!

Mel said...

Isn't it self-evident Marlene! ;O) Let's just say it's a man's lodge....

Household of Faith said...

Looks like you all had fun, despite colder weather.

Belinda said...

Hey Mel, you could blow up and frame the pic of the lake with the 2 boats on the water. It is beautiful. At least that place was pretty...... (@: