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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Ksena Turns 4!!

I brought Ksena to the fridge to show her the b-day cake and she says 'Yea. Can I have a yogurt?' Ahem...what does she know of the time it took to make it-I underestimated it myself and am embarrassed about how long it took. Thankfully my mother-in-law says it does take time and she's the cake pro, so that made me feel better.

Sunday Birthday Coffee-a tradition we love...Thanks for coming everybody!! :O)


jen said...

Mel, you made that cake??!! It looks amazing! And homeschooling looks like so much fun! Nice pictures. :-D

Marlene said...

great job on the cake Mel! It looks awesome

Anonymous said...

Wow, the cake looks amazing - I'm impressed Mel!

Lynnette Feijer said...

Mel the cake was beautiful ~ and Joel loved it!! He couldn't wait for after church...especially when we stopped by Saturday and he found out that you were making a chocolate cake!! LOL

Anita said...

Your cake is amazing!!! Too cute to eat! Ksena looks so sweet, your girsl are beautiful!