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Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me! Monday
My sister has been writing 'Not Me! Monday' posts and I thought it was kinda fun. I'd like to try it too, so here goes! Just to be clear, the idea behind this is COMPLETE sarcasm.

I would NEVER, and I mean never leave my last load of laundry in the dryer to veg for an entire week. In fact, I always have all of my laundry washed, dried, folded and put away in one day. What is the point of doing the work and then living out of laundry baskets!?

I would never get my children's passport photos done in grubby cloths and especially not in wet ones. If my youngest spilled water on her shirt before we left the house to get the pics done, I would most definitely change her shirt.

I do not look forward to putting my children to bed. I miss them dreadfully when they are sleeping and spend most of my evenings peeking into their bedrooms. I simply cannot concentrate on a book, or a hobby while they are down for the night.

I would never go to church without freshly washed hair. People would certainly notice and be thoroughly disgusted. I simply would not be able to wait until Monday morning to shampoo it.

I would never sit down to read a book while there is piles of laundry to fold, or blog with the laundry on the back of my mind!

I would never put my kids to bed in a T-shirt that they had worn all day. And if for some insane reason I overlooked it, they would definitely not be wearing that same shirt the next day!

No...not me!


Danielle said...

Good job Mel! So fun to read=o) It's so fun to do, eh? I think it will become quite addicting!

Taunya said...

Bep would be horrified with our laundry habits! I like the shirt to bed and then again the next day. who was it that dressed at night so he could hop out of bed without dressing? some kid figured that one out, I cant think of who it was?

Jen said...

The laundry basket thing? Yah, I never do that either :)

jen said...

lol! I would not not do any of those things...but maybe that's new wife/no kids syndrome? :D good post! :)

G &;S said...

I tried one too - we both don't do so many of the same things ;) Laundry habits and kids clothes habits seem to be the same here. I would never let them wear the same shirt to bed and then the next day ;)

Mom Van Dyk said...

Wish after all these years I could get my laundry under control! Good thing I don't often allow myself a good book to read otherwise it would never get done!