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Friday, October 05, 2007

Compelled to Pray

Remember Sunday's sermon about Job? These people are living out the truth that God is there amidst the worst pain this sinful world brings. This story will move you to tears and impress you with God's love for His people. I was struck with the comfort they are reaching out for despite the suffering they are going through-only God can instill this kind of peace and faith. What a comfort to know that God provides strength for His children!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting that Mel - I finally forced myself to read it now... didn't want to before because it looked too long - but it was well worth reading.
What an encouragement to hear how much strength God gives people in their trials! Oh, to have faith like that - although I pray that I never have to go through what that family is going through. It's easy to pray for stronger faith, but then also ask to be spared from anything bad happening... it's much harder to trust that when God gives us trials, that He is using them to strengthen our faith in Him, and teaching us to completely depend on Him. It's amazing how that family is ministering to others during this time - only a believer could do that!