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Friday, November 17, 2006

Oh So ITCHY!!!
Looks like our Ksena has caught chicken pox!! So far she's cheerful but she's scratching. Poor little thing!


Marlene said...

poor baby. Looks like she got them good too! Aveeno oatmeal bath helps with the itch, as well as Aveeno anti-itch cream. Why don't you come for a visit and give them to Julianna. She is the only one that hasn't had them in our family. It's hard to get chicken pox around here because people usually get the vaccine for it.

Marlene said...

I just showed the kids Ksena and Arianna said,"That's Ksena, and Asher said, "No its not, that's Josiah!" In his mind they look alike go figure

Mel VanDyk said...

Hi Marlene,
Ksena is our Josiah! Nana and Papa think so to. When she was born I thought she would have been a sweet little boy! I can't use my email so hopefully you check these comments. Would love to come for a visit to help get Julianna sick but...